Online Christmas Games: Free Family-Friendly Internet Holiday Activities

As the hustle-and-bustle of the holiday season approaches, keep the family entertained with these online Christmas games and activities that are non-violent, kid-safe, and completely free.

The following Christmas websites offer a plethora of holiday games and activities that are fun for children of all ages. From the grouchy Grinch to the Adventure Elf, these free online Christmas games will provide hours of child-friendly holiday entertainment for young and old alike.

  • KewlBox Adventure Elf

This fun online game is guaranteed to be a big hit with the entire family. To play, nab the pesky penguins who have stolen Santa’s gifts. Adventure Elf can be played online or offline. Adobe Shockwave is required for online play. Also available as a ad-supported download for Windows or Mac.

  • FunSchool.Kaboose Arctic Antics

Help all the animals into the swimming pool without slipping. Harder than it appears!

  • FunSchool.Kaboose Santa Flibriks

Santa Flibriks is an addicting online game that tests the player’s memory, speed and accuracy skills. To play, find the matching tiles before tiles hit the bottom of the game area. Earn bonus points by finding two matches in a row. Look for specially marked wild cards for extra points

  • Lost Jungle Christmas Attack

This game from LostJungle is for older players. To play, shoot the falling gifts by using various keys on the keyboard.

  • FunSchool.Kaboose Santa Balls

To play, match the ornaments by swapping any two adjacent balls in order to form a row or column of three or more matching balls. Use The Ball Juggler to scramble the balls. Version 2 is also available. Music and elf voice can be turned off (some comments and remarks from the Elf may be inappropriate for younger children). Adobe Shockwave is required.

  • Kids Turn Central Sleigh-Away

This entertaining online game from KidsTurnCentral is sure to be a big hit with all ages! To play, fire the magic stars at Santa’s sleigh and catch the presents as they fall. Be careful to avoid other falling objects. Music can be on or off. FUN.

  • Novel Games Snowman Skiing

Help the Snowman ski down the mountain without running into the trees. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to scoop up the carrots, pine cones and branches.

  • Seussville Shock Grinch Game

The Grinch hates Christmas. To play, click on the Grinch before he steals all the Christmas gifts under the tree. Requires Adobe Shockwave.

  • Santa Speaking Dress the Elf Game

This simple online game from SantaSpeaking is for the younger crowd. Twinkle needs help getting ready for the trip to the North Pole.

  • Billy Bear 4 Kids Make a Gingerbread House

This online activity from BillyBear4Kids is for younger children. Drag the online stickers to the Gingerbread house and decorate.

  • All Things Christmas Ornament Game

To play this addicting game from AllThingsChristmas, match the adjacent ornaments of the same color until all the ornaments are gone.

  • LostJungle Christmas Simon

Those famous Chipmunks serenade players who dare to try this online memory game. To play, click the ornaments in the exact order as shown. One mistake and it is back to square one. This game is not as easy as it appears.

  • All Things Christmas Peppermint Checkers

This fun online checkers game from AllThingsChristmas is a family winner! Java must be enabled.

  • Lost Jungle Monster Munch

Use the left and right arrow keys to help this Monster eat as many snowflakes as possible. Avoid the ice cycles and snowflakes. This is a 5 minute game for the younger players.

  • All Things Christmas Attack of the Mutant Artificial Trees

Mutant trees are sucking the spirit out of Christmas in this game created by KewlBox. Throw snowballs at the trees, being careful not to hit the Elf. Macromedia Shockwave is required (free download).

  • Snowflake bhg

Create personalized snowflakes in this online activity from Snowflake.bhg. Grab the online scissors and create unique flakes for the world to see. 18 new snowflakes are created every minute.