SotNW Saber Stances: The Saber Options for Warriors in Granada Espada

SotNW Saber Stances: The Saber Options for Warriors in Granada Espada

When a Sword of the New Character warrior character has maxed out his basic sword stances, it is time to move on to other weapons. The distinction between a saber, rapier, and 2-handed swords may not be all that important to someone who does not play a table-top or online rpg, but in Sword of the New World, the distinction is important. The graphics make it hard to tell which type of sword is which so pay attention to the description when buying a new sword.. This article focuses on the saber stances that become available to warrior characters after they reach sixth level

Sword of the New World Saber Stances

Saber stances are only available to warriors in Granada Espada. A saber is a quick weapon that in most of the stances prevents the use of the shield. Most of the stances focus more on offence than defense in the game for this reason.

Middle Garde

Middle garde is the first saber stance that Sword of the New World warriors can learn. As such it is a tries for a mix of offense and defense. The abilities in middle garde are crescent moon, grind cutter, and assassinate.

Crescent moon is an ability that does slightly more damage than the basic sword attack and is named after the sword moves, it is not the most damaging attack, it has a low mana cost and can be used the most frequently of any of the middle garde abilities. Grind Cutter is an upgraded from crescent guard that moves the blade in a whiling motion and assassinate attempts to confuse the opponent through multiple attacks before dealing one high damage blow.

Saber Garde

Despite its name this is not the first stance for the saber a Sword of the New World warrior can learn, nor it is a saber stance. It is in fact a rapier fighting style. This might be due to the game’s designers being unsure of the English word, or intending the stance to be used against rapiers. The stance is defensive in nature.

Twin Blades

This saber stance is only available to hired characters in Sword of the New World. Because a wealth of information is not yet available on hired character and their stances the best way to figure out what which characters and characters have it and buy the book for them. Like the Hack and Slash basic sword stance, twin blades focuses on dual wielding sabers

Other Saber Stances

The total number of saber stances available to warriors in Sword of the New World is disappointing, considering that this class can use more weapons than any other class in the game, but players who prefer a true swashbuckling feel for their character should probably go with the rapier stances which have a broader selection.

A character never has to use the saber stances, but the animations look cool, even if this type of sword is not the most effective weapon available to the characters.